“alvin donovan” discusses his PRP treatment


So I had an MRI and found that I had a 75% rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder and 50% in my right shoulder.

My doctor recommended PRP injections- what are they?

Here is the definition:

Alvin Donovan PRP definition

So the injections were pretty painful and I could see from my next MRI that the tissue had grown back!

Ten quick shark facts you need to know


Alvin Donovan likes this tip ” Punching a shark in the nose or poking its eyes can help fend it off during an attack. Most sharks don’t want to work hard for their food.”

Is that ALL sharks worldwide or just Aussie sharks?

Ten quick shark facts you need to know.

“Alvin Donovan The Guru Who Surfs The Web” The French and Australian terrorist attacks are the result of their Uber Liberal Immigration Policies

"alvin donovan the guru who surfs"

alvin donovan the guru who surfs”

The French and Australian terrorist attacks are the result of their Uber Liberal
Immigration Policies

This attack is a direct result of the French Uber liberal immigration policies.
Just as the Martin Place terrorist attack in Sydney was the result of the Uber
Liberal Australian Immigration policies.

I remember the days of the Australian “politically uncorrect” whites only immigration policy.
I remember how much heat Paulene Hansen took for supporting it.

But in the light of the Martin Place attack I wonder if we made a mistake opening the
country to everyone and anyone. One thing for sure is that if Australia would have
kept their whites only immigration policy the Martin Place terrorist attack would have
never happened.

Well guess what- it is too late to turn back the clock and there is only one remedy
that may help.

I propose that *everyone* in Australia, white, black, yellow, red, whatever color
whatever nationality, whatever religion be required to sign an oath promising to abide
by Aussie norms, customs and manners and if they refuse then boot them out.

When your every day Aussie battler bloke or sheila go to Muslim countries they must
abide by their local norms or face being put to death or worse. Well what is good for the
gooser is good for the ganderer.

You know during WWII the yanks rounded up all people of Japanese descent and put them in internment camps until the war with Japan ended. At the moment Australia and now we see France is not able to defend themselves from the attacks by these extremists.

These are extreme times and we need to employ extreme measures to defend ourselves and keep our children safe.

Alvin Donovan” The guru who surfs had this article banned by the elite media Sydney Morning Herald smh.com.au